Friday, September 28, 2012

Why are cell phone companies so hard to deal with. It seems that their goal in life is to make your life all the more difficult. They must have a pac with insurance companies, electric companies, phone companies (for those of you that still have a land line-we don't) waste disposal companies, gas companies (we use LP, not natural gas) etc. And to get good customer service anymore is unherd of this day and age. When you call into the call center first off your on hold for what seems like eons, after going through a series of prompts-push this number for this service, push this number for English, push this number for Spanish-yada, yada, yada. And that music they play while they have you on hold makes you want to either fall asleep or yank your hair out.
What really gets you is at first they will tell you "your hold time is 15 minutes" then that hold music will play again. Every few minutes they will cut in and say "we're sorry but your hold time is 15 minutes" and again the music will play again. Some days it seems the hold time stays the same. Once I called into the cellular provider and I kid you not the hold time INCREASED! That automated voice cut in and said "sorry but your hold time is now 25 minutes" and I grew more agitated! It figures that I'm not the only one peeved at their lack of customer service! Or upset over their phone service, or where is my new phone by the way. And when I did get it where is the SIM card??!! And to get it activated, come on now-give me a break! Why should it take 45 minutes to get a cell phone activated! Technology is suppose to be getting better not slipping backwards.
All I can say is when I have to call customer service for anything I put them on speaker phone and I have something else to do while I'm waiting because I usually have to wait a long time. And honestly I do try to keep my patience unless I get someone that's rude on the other end and when that happens then all bets are off! Especially when I have a migraine then I can be a witch too ya know. I just want to get my business done and get it over with.
I'm sure they hate their job as much as we hate calling them. I use to do their job and it was a thankless job for sure. It was high stress and low pay. You'd be called everything but human. And in that position you'd never get backing from management-heck I think they got a kick out of it sometimes. To them it was like tossing chug out to the sharks and watching them go wild. So I can see it on both sides. I can imagine the person on the other end of the phone fighting a migraine as well and having to work through it because God forbid they ask to go home early because of it. Yep, I can relate to that.
So really it's a no win situation either way. The person working customer service and the person calling into and reaching customer service. It's nasty business either way. Too bad we can't call in and just talk to the person responsible for the whole mess to begin with-like the supplier himself that sent the faulty part. Or the packager that packaged the item wrong and it arrived with missing parts. Or the shipper that damaged the part-or better yet the driver that drove the Semi-truck that tossed your box around like a basketball and damaged it before it got to your doorstep. To be able to talk to the person that was directly responsible for the problem and not the customer service person that is stuck in the middle and has to clean up someone elses mess.
Oh well, that is my rant for the day. I am NOT making another phone call today and that is all there is to it!! Things were much better when I was phoneless, I realize that now.

Until next time, may the phone ring less for you and may you not have to call into a call center, LOL.

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