Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am Raw, sore and in a whinny mode putting it simply.


What an emotional and physically draining past few days it has been. My husband picks now, of all times, when the holidays are approaching and its getting cold outside and the house is sealed up and doors and windows are closed to demolish the kitchen floor!

Apparently this past year our stand up water cooler that holds 5 gallon jugs of water decided to spring a leak and it wasn't discovered until around mid-late summer when it went through the ceramic tile and 2 sub floor layers through the drop ceiling in the finished part of the basement to drip on the wood table to where my daughter cried out to her dad. Of course it was the end of the world in his eyes and of course since I'm at home all day sitting on my butt doing nothing and not seeing what was going on and catching it in time I was called out for letting this travesty happen. Right in front of my daughter I was reamed out royally. Of course I didn't take it sitting down. I came back at him that HE is the only one is this house that can lift those 5 gallon jugs of water to change them so why didn't he, Mr. know-it-all see for himself if it was leaking and catch it "before" it got that out of hand. But oh know he never does wrong in his book.

After frantically looking around then taking that jug off and tipping the cooler over he found out the hose was leaking "under" the cooler and the water was going in a grout seam to the wall in a crack between the baseboard and floor behind the stand as it was pushed against the wall where NO-ONE could see it!! it was finding a path UNDER the tile and creeping along between the tile and 1st layer of sub floor that is 1/2" and tile that covered about 10' parameter and then covered the 2nd layer of sub floor that is 3/4". After it soaked the 1/2" layer of sub floor, after the leak was discovered then that layer started to buckle and the tile started coming loose. This was when I went into the hospital for 7 days and when I got out he went w/me to only 1 of my therapy sessions when I called him out for always blaming me for things that go wrong when they are not my fault.

Oh and before I went into the hospital I ordered a new one of those water cooling stands. The other one was just sitting there not being used and it was going to be tossed out. When I bought one with my "own" money then he threw a fit and then he worked on the leaky one and Afro-engineered it as I like to phrase it and pronounced it fixed and I to this day will never trust it and said if it leaks again he better not ever blame me again if it leaks.

So we come to middle of last week. He decides to tear up the floor because it has to be replaced now! So under the tile around that area to a 10' radius on the 1st sub floor layer is black mold. It took my breath away, made my eyes water and made my migraines worse. But sawing, prying up with pry bars, pounding with hammers, and chiseling the rest of the tiles with a chisel he did for about 3 days. Black dust flying everywhere and dust from the regular sub floor. The good thing is the black mold didn't go all the way through the 2nd layer of sub floor that was 3/4" and it didn't touch the floor joists, but since it was on the surface he sawed through it and pried it up with pry bars. My whole great room area looks like a disaster area. A war zone. Furniture moved to the middle of the living room area. Part of my kitchen pantry boxed up and over by the main hall. My leather furniture covered with blankets. Grimy dust all over everything. As soon as I try to dust or run the vacuum a couple of hours later that grimy dust is back in place like nothing was touched. It's floating all over.

I blow my nose and black stuff comes out. I never knew I reacted to mold let alone the black variety in that way. My husband has asthma and doesn't wear a mask or eye wear and it doesn't bother him. Well, the other night he had to use his asthma inhaler but just that once. I don't have asthma but it sure makes me feel like it-my chest gets tight and I cough and gag like crazy. And man my head. It's a good thing Thanksgiving is not here this year because I'd be on the phone cancelling.

And he has me helping haul heavy thick plywood and me w/a bad shoulder and neck to begin with. Honestly if I didn't know any better I'd swear he was trying to kill me! I thought my days of whining were over but this going to bed in extreme pain and waking up and going through the day in still more extreme pain is getting to me. I went to bed last night with my iPod turned on with my bi-naural beats on and I got a little bit of sleep. The few nights before I tossed and turned because my shoulder and neck hurt as bad as my head. Right now if I lift my shoulder over my head, or try to, there is sharp pain that radiates to my neck. So I guess I better get those rice packs heated up again and get ready for more hauling of the plywood again. Yippee.

If I survive this it will take some doing. I want to go back to my Zen state and just worry about handling my migraines. Well, I wasn't really quite worrying about them if you know what I mean.

I hope and wish you all a happy and healthy and QUIET destruction free Thanksgiving. And if your hubby is thinking of doing something like this around your house hide his power and hand tools NOW while he's at work!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to you all

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