Monday, September 10, 2012


Wow, quiet. Everyone has gone to work and I'm left with the critters who have decided to take a nap. Those who said it's hard leading a dogs life never met these dogs! They are pampered pooches! My little buddy is such a sweetheart. He can be rowdy at times but he seems to know when I get a whopper of a migraine he gets all lovey dovey and wants to be extra cuddly. It's amazing how some animals have that sense where they can pick up on our vibes so to speak and just sense when something is wrong or about to go wrong and they go on alert.

I had a yellow Lab a few years ago that was super sensative to my migraine attacks. She would be my nurse maid and protector when I'd lie on the floor with my head on the cold tile trying to find some relief. I didn't notice back then but looking back on it now she would pace around me when one was coming on. I guess back then I took it as a signal she was wanting a treat or was hungry. I sure do miss that dog. But I have Paco now and he has his special ways about him too.

So my question would be does anyone have a cat or a dog, or maybe even a bird that can sense when your about to have a migraine attack and they become super attentive to you and will not leave your side until your feeling better?

I think I'm going to take advantage of this quite time and make my breakfast and try to keep my head from kicking up into full gear.

Until next time stay well everyone.
Wouldn't it be nice if every place you go or work would be fragrance free? Just a thought.............


  1. My German shepherd puppy seems pretty oblivious to my pain, but my Welsh corgi always knows when I'm feeling terrible. She is not a cuddly dog normally, but when I'm sick she sleeps with me and keeps me company. She also "tastes" me in the morning. She'll lick my hand, just once, and I think it's her way of checking my status. (I read about another corgi who checked his person's blood sugar by licking her hand, so I guess hand-licking is a corgi thing!)

    1. I have read that animals are Sensitive to their people and they know when they are ill or about to be ill. It's amazing to actually experience it. I would not give up my dog for anything. He stays by my side when I'm sick.