Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today we remember the victims of that horrible September 11th tragedy. Hard to believe it's been 11 years ago today. Makes our problems seem petty for a moment as we think of all those Innocent lives lost. Those who went about their normal day at work in the twin towers and the hustle and bustle on the streets below. Those on  the commuter jets on business trips or taking those family vacations. Those people in the Pentagon working to secure our nation. But how about that one flight where the passengers knew what was going on and took control and said "not out plane" and sacrificed themselves to save how many other hundreds of lives as a result? And those brave men and women who raced up those towers as they came crumbling down to try to save as many victims as possible. Yes, remembering the lives lost, those that sacrificed their own so that others may live, or those that gave up their lives in the line of duty-my problems seem insignificant today. I have no more to say but to reflect on the meaning of today and to pray for all the lost and the survivors of the most horrendous terrorists attacks perpetrated on American soil against the American people.  

God Bless the USA and all her people. United we Stand. And God Bless you all as well.

I did get the most wonderful email from Vicky E.  on my main webpage suggesting Yihoo Digital Portable Massager that helped out her husband w/his migraines. I went online to check it out per her suggestion. I looks like a Tens unit that is programmable. I have a Tens unit, but I cannot attach it to my trigger points on my base of skull-it comes undone. Need to ask her for more info. But I also came across an eye and temple massager that also looks promising as well. Since that area is so sore to the touch and very raw I'm at odds at which way to go. Eenie meenie miney moe. Cannot afford to do both.

This is the Yihoo Qbobo Massager above and below is the Eye and Temple massager on Amazon.
Breo Breeze ISee 180-Hi-Tech Digital Eye & Temple Massager
Stay well everyone and God Bless.

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