Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can somebody tell me what planet I've landed on.

What planet did I land on and where did all the sane people go? No wonder ET was so anxious to leave as soon as he landed. He wanted to get as far away from here as soon as possible and didn't want to ever come back here again.
But really, where did everyones common sense go. Or did they have any to begin with? Help me out here so I can better understand the human race as a whole. Were we put here as rejects because we could not stack up to a higher standard? Or wait for the mother ship to come back and get us as soon as we find our calling card and call home like ET did? Or is it the other way around-do we wait for those around us to get called back once they get their minutes filled back up and rounded back up and taken away?
Either way this is a confusing state and I cannot make heads nor tails out of it no matter which way you slice it.
I live in a house with TWO healthy indivduals. They are both pretty capible of taking care of themselves. They can cook, clean and clean up their own messes. I on the other hand have a disabling disease with several comorbidities and can barely take care of myself, but they expect me to be their caretaker. I have to cook for them. Clean up after them-basically provide a bed a breakfast establishment for them but also through in lunch and dinner and on weekdays pack their lunches for them and make breakfast to go.
And what do I get in a return. Well, a hard way to go and a short trip getting there. If the food isn't done on time I get yelled at. If the right laundry isn't done on time, well you get the picture. Then I'm the animal sitter. Not only do I watch after my own ONE dog, I watch after my daughters 2 dogs, one of which suffers seizures, and 1 cat. Not a moments peace. So through the day I have 3 dogs yipping and yapping playing like crazy and they might take a few dog naps to recharge then they're at it again.
In between all of this I have to medicate myself for my daily excruiating migraines in which sound, yep sound, is a trigger. Guess who is adding to that. Dogs. But then again I'm on "vacation" and all I do is sit around all day with nothing to do and they, after all as I'm told often, have to work hard for a living. Ahhh, poor babies. Let me get out my violin and play a few cords. Oh, I forgot. I don't know how to play the violin. Darn it! I forgot to take that class in school! I will have to get an MP3 recording of someone playing the violin and have it on que to play that so when they whine I can play it for them.
They think it's a picnic what I have to endure daily? I would give anything in the world for them to have to live my life for one week and to have this constant pain in addition to everything else-the depression, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD-etc. I'd love to be able to get out of here for a week and for ONCE lead a NORMAL life and be out amongst others and socialize. Heck, I'd walk in their shoes for one week. Would they be willing to walk in mine? Betcha not.
So I'm done with my whinning again. I have to go clean up the supper dishes, yet again, and go put some ice on my head again. And if someone asks me again what is wrong and if I have to tell them again for the 15th time today I'm in pain I might slap something or throw something.
They just don't get it. Again, I'm on some planet and all human life has vanished. I don't know what I'm surrounded by anymore. But any compassion or understanding does not exist. ET come take them home with you.


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