Monday, September 17, 2012

Suggestions needed from fellow Migrainers, and a crazy invention idea.


I really need to get my eyes checked, it's been over 2 years, but since my vision is always changing because of these darn migraines, is it really worth the time and effort? I mean, if I get a new RX for eyeglasses and my eyesight keeps going all over the place what good will it do, if any? I'm to the point I can't see worth a darn with or without these things. It's very aggravating. But glasses cannot correct the migraine aura's anyway and it's always been hard to read since this has gotten out of control-especially black words on white paper, it's blurred and shadowed.

And do I get them tinted, not those ones that are just like sunglasses but also for indoors because inside light hurts them too? I know a few people that had theirs tinted like sunglasses after a while they stopped working so there is not point in that and why do that if all light hurts. I can't afford 2 pairs of glasses.

But does anyone else with migraines have that same problem?

And for the past couple of years I've been hunting for very dark tinted sunglasses that hide the sun glare as much as possible. Just because the lens looks dark doesn't mean they block a lot of the sunshine. It's been pretty disappointing. I get some that look like they're dark and block the sun, but they don't. I lost track of how many pair I've tried. I hear a lot of people say "oh, your sunglasses are so dark how can you see?" Oh trust me, they don't block much of the sun. Wish they did. Any ideas where I can get really dark, super dark tinted lens? Or give up and just come out at night period.

And I wish someone would invent a counter-spray. Really. When someone walks by you that wears way too much cologne, or with me even a tiny bit is too much (I buy scent free everything) you can spray something in their path that instantly neutralizes their stench they leave behind! That would be so wonderful! On our daughters birthday I braved it and was able to venture out into the public. Oops, we went out onto the terrace of El Salto's in Valparaiso Indiana. They allow people to smoke out there. Way on the opposite side two women were smoking. Of course, wouldn't you know it, the smoke had to wind a path in MY direction about choking me. And it was out in the open-3 open sides of the patio, but it had to find it's way to ME!! I was getting nauseated. How can people stand to smell that stuff and inhale it into their own lungs is beyond me. And you can tell smokers from non because they always look older and talk raspier.

But  THANK GOD they didn't stay long but it's amazing how sensitive a migrainer can be to smells of any and all sorts and types. Even in Wal-Mart about 3 weeks ago this man had some funky aftershave on-Ewe. I smelled it all the way out to the car! Convertible top down and 20 min later clean air again. Phew! Do people have any idea how bad that stuff makes them stink?

But someone needs to invent a counter-stinky spray just for those situations. Can you just picture it though. People with migraines cross paths with people who have stinky cologne or perfume when they whip out their little handy dandy bottle of counter stinky spray and then breathe a sigh of relief. It's either that or go out in public with a hazmat suit. I don't know about you but I'm super sensitive to smells. When I was in the hospital there was one cleaning lady that was extra trigger happy with the cleaning solutions. She'd go spray happy in each room and that stuff would float and hang around the hallways like a heavy Ozone Alert Action Day. Then a migraine would hit and I'd taste that crap in the back of my throat for at least 30-45 min until I could find a safe zone where she hadn't sprayed yet. Also the same place a patient was admitted a couple of days before I left. I had never seen or met  a manic depressive person before. This woman was in a full blown manic stage. Her husband smuggled in a bottle of stinky perfume. The next day she was going around spraying it on people to make "them" and "herself" feel better. I got up and ran out of the room like Hades was hot on my trail telling the nurse I was tasting perfume and my head was acting up. They ran after her to confiscate it and I had to get abortive medication.

And to get to this point. To tell my husband that I cannot tolerate smells from that nasty 25-30 year old lawn mower. He nagged me this morning when he left to mow the yard. Oh how I hate that noisy, bumpy, smelly thing. How I'm going to survive that thing I do not know how. But God willing I will not tip the thing over on me or drive it in the pond. And if I do I hope I can move fast enough to get off of it. At least it's overcast so the sun is not too bad. For now.

Until next time I wish you all good health, be happy and stay safe.

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