Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bacon is Soooooooooooooo Disgusting!

Wow, what a rough morning/early afternoon this has been. I thought I was going to be sort of ok. I made my hubby his breakfast, the non-stinky kind which means no bacon which was A-OK with me. got him off and I felt a little hungry. So I made myself some super fiber oatmeal. I use Quaker Old Fashion Rolled Oats. I put in the water before I put the burner on 1 TBS ea Amaranth Seeds, Organic Whole Millet Seeds and while those soak in a bowl I put 1 TBS brown sugar, 1/4 C sliced raw Almonds, 1/8 tsp cinnamon, 1 TBS Organic Chia Seeds, 1 TBS natural PB and 1 TBS Hemp Seeds. Then I will turn on the water and bring it to a boil then add the oatmeal and cook it until it just starts to thicken then add it to the ingrediants in the bowl. I do NOT like mushy overcooked oatmeal.
That super fiber with the Omega 3 and 6 and the extra protein will last me into the early to late afternoon. And because it's got some chewy-crunchy going on it feels more satisfying. And I drink a lot more extra water with it and it helps make it more filling.
About an hour or so afterwards my daughter gets up and then she decides she's going to fry herself up some nasty smelling turkey bacon. I don't know why but that turkey bacon smells a whole lot worse than regular bacon. That and her seizure dog Buddha whinning non-stop set me over the edge again. I SO hate the smell of bacon and it's 90% of the time a trigger for me.
My daughter was rushing around getting her stuff ready realizing her plates expired on her car and she was having to go back to her house then to Valpraiso then run errands and take her dog to the vet to get his Potassium levels checked before she could get his anti seizure meds refilled. She wanted to know if I could come along? HUH? Oh No way was I up for that! So she called the vet and they could keep him all day for only $18.00 extra chg. She called me when she got there, a 45 min drive from our house. He cried and whinned and acted up the whole way there. His anxiety has gotten progressively worse the past few months and he usually gets himself worked up so bad he can sometimes get himself worked up into a seizure! And she thought to ask me if I was up for that trip?! No way Jose!
So now it's peaceful. Mr. Whiney pants is gone. He and my daughter will not be back until tomorrow. So now my head wants to retaliate again and remind me "hello, your demon is still inside with his jackhammer ready to go to work". Yep, time to get off the computer. Of course the sun has to out today. I'm sure the sun lovers are rejoicing, but us migrainers having attacks are cringing in pain, like me. One of these days I will luck out and find a "real" dark tinted pair of sunglasses. Until then the curtains will stay closed and if my husband opens them when he comes home, as soon as he goes out in his pole barn I will shut them again. Yes, I, the vampire, will be hiding in her cave today. Out will come the ice packs and no doubt more Sprix abortive followed with more Oxygen.
But on the positive, at least there was no hard frost and there is no snow. At least not yet. And I have no clingy whiney dog to deal with for the rest of the day. Yippee!!!! There is always a positive to every negative and I will keep repeating that to myself as I go hide in my darkness.

Until then I wish all of you a good day of being healthy, happy and be safe.

John 16:33
I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

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