Thursday, October 25, 2012

May God have Mercy on our Souls


So tired of the rhetoric, the lies, the mudslinging, the broken promises, the he said she said. Well, you get the gist of it. Politics is getting nastier and more dishonest every 4 years. And EACH party is to blame. They ALL lie to get your vote and they NEVER keep their promise and they run the country in the ground.

Obama ran up the deficit to an ungodly amount, raised taxes and hid horrible things in his obamacare that he hides and will not own up to but for some reason he's never called out or held accountable for. Instead people want more of the same? He came into office with NO experience running a country. He was a "social planner" for Gods sake and only held a position in Congress. He never held any position where he ran a country, state or government. But he got elected.

So here comes Romney who's had experience running several businesses and did so successfully, which now he gets criticized for. He ran for and held the position as governor of a state and did so successfully, but apparently that experience (which is more that Obama ever had prior to his running in 08 for office) is not good enough. Then he gets criticized for making investments overseas and making profits.

So I looked at my 401k portfolio. Sure, it's not much compared to Romney, but it's diversified and has been for years. I have it in stocks, bonds and various investments to have a good mixture. There are foreign investments that are, unfortunately, making more money that some of my US investments. I can thank Obama for that because of him our credit rating for the 1st time ever was downgraded.

But he has never been man enough to ever take the blame for anything he or his cabinet has ever done. He always finds a way to blame it on Bush. Come on now, after 4 years of him being in charge he still blames Bush? Bush didn't triple the deficit. Bush didn't downgrade our credit score. Bush didn't increase our unemployment rate. Bush didn't raise the cost of gas prices. Bush isn't the reason the price of food and the cost of goods is going up and the rate of foreclosures is going up. Bush is not to fault for why our veterans are coming home and cannot afford to pay their mortgages and lose their homes and the government cuts off their health care and no longer provides for them and kicks them to the street. When will Obama man up and admit his plans he put into place didn't work out the way he though they would or that he screwed up? When will he let people know that when his Obamacare takes effect in 2013 taxes will go up on the middle class to pay for it? When will he let people know that under Obamacare Government sponsored euthanasia for the terminally ill and elderly will be put in place like it is in Canada and the UK because that is how he wants the US to function-like their Public Health Care, to lighten the burden on the system for those that cannot actively contribute or participate in the system so we can have the option of euthanasia.

Sure, that is very, very quietly hidden in there where no one will know about it until it takes affect and if he gets another 4 years it will be too late and cannot be repealed. And his followers just blindly follow along-never asking questions and just being led like lambs to the slaughter.

No, I want no part of it anymore. If he gets 4 more years I'm done with this political system. The lies and the people that blindly follow along and never question. I question everyone and everything. I question Romney. But I question Obama more. And his past 4 years are nothing to brag about and for anyone that wants 4 more years of that then they deserve what they will get. An economy that is far worse than what it is now and taxes up that kazoo and food prices like we've never seen before as well as prices on energy like we've never seen. If you think it's bad now you ain't seen nothing yet, and that my friend is a dire fact. You can take that to the bank if you have any money left, that is.

No more politics for me. You cannot talk rationally to people about politics or religion because people don't act rational. They get irrational, hateful, sometimes bigoted and yes oftentimes hostile. That is why they say don't talk about these 2 subjects. That is why this will be the only time I will ever mention it. If you haven't done all your fact checking and asked questions by now then there is no hope. All I can say then is good luck and I will pray that God will Bless the USA and those that are left that are God Fearing and obey his commands. And may God have mercy on our souls

Peace to you all.

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