Sunday, October 14, 2012

Migraine pain hangover

Darn it, just when I thought I was going to get a break and the head was starting to get a little better, the storms came rolling in and the barometer started creeping up again. For once in a long, long time I saw it down to 29.54. Now it's on the rise again. I hope it will not go up too much. But now in the Migraine hangover phase. I did could not brush my hair becuase my scalp was way too sore to the touch. Loud noise is still too much to bear. My one sister in law that lives close by is planning on having Thanksgiving by her house just because my head is so unpredictable, bless her heart. She is one that is usually pretty nice and considerate to me. One of the nicer ones.

Now it's that time of the year where the daylight is getting shorter. Time where we start to feel like moles. The best part for me so that I do not have to suffer too much of the daylight, but the ironic part is that this is also the time of the year I suffer from SAD. Pretty ironic. Pretty pathetic.

This is a very short post. I'm exhausted. I got a new Notebook. An HP. Just for my writing. To keep seperate and portable so I don't have to fight for a place in the small study to use my PC. I will do my poetry on this and my Blog. My husband and daughter are switching channels between football and baseball. I'm not interested today.

So until next time stay safe and be well.

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