Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slowly the jackhammers are going away.

Not much to say today. The Baramoter is slowly going down. Almost to 30. The pain is slowly getting a little more managable, but still making it presence known. The party of un-endless jackhammers is slowly ebbing to maybe 1 or 2. Wish I could get them all to leave for good.

But trying to stay on the positive side, I could have it worse. I have not taken off my Sea bands yet and don't dare to. I think I will end up having to take a 3rd dose of Sprix w/oxygen later tonight. I'm setting a record this weekend for Sprix and Oxygen use. But that's what it's there for.

My poor little Paco puppy got sick and not acting quite right so I'm trying hard to take care of the both of us.

So with that being said I will sign off for now and go snuggle with my little buddy and take care of him and nurse my head in the interm.

Take care everyone until the next time.

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