Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh here we go again, another cycle is starting to kick in. That devilish little monster is starting his little jackhammer behind my eye. That little bugger is trying to hammer his way out from the back of my skull through my eye. Like he's trying to pop it out on the keyboard. Tried my abortives and so far they have not kicked it. It's going to be a long, long agonizing day, of that I can be sure. If anyone dares tell me "oh, but you don't look that sick" it will take any little remants of willpower I have left to NOT slap them crapless. Please, if I looked as bad as I felt they'd run off in the opposite direction screaming their lungs out! They really have no idea, and my describing it over, and over, and over again just doesn't do any good because I telll it to the same people. They either ignore me or it goes in one ear and straight out the other and doesn't make a pit stop long enought to register. Either that or their memory is more shot than mine, which is pretty sad because their health is suppose to be better than mine.
Oh yep, now here creeps in the blind spot and the numb side of the face. Sometimes my Aura's accur before the pain and sometimes after. This one is has kicked in after. They don't always follow the same pattern. They just really love to screw around with me, of that I know for certain. And this eye cannot stop watering and it feels like it's burning a little and feels a little larger than the other.
Yes, I just looked in the mirror (no, it didn't crack this time) and the eyelid is drooping and that must be why it feels larger. I've been keeping track of the Barometer and yesterday it topped at 30.00 and today it was at 29.85, so it's starting to fall. I wonder how far it will fall or if it will rise again. Has anyone else been having problems with the higher Barometric pressure and their migraines I wonder? I've had a horrible time this summer as it's been in the 30's and a little above and on days it's stormed it suddenly fell, that was hard too. In the winter I get a little bit of a break in between cycles. So I added the pressure into my log, along with my oxygen treatment and abortive meds. Trying to keep track of that and my medication schedule can be pretty overwhelming at times and then I have my daughters dog-every day at 4:00 pm-no sooner and no later he must have his anti-seizure meds in his food to prevent him from hopefully having another bad spell of seizures.
With that being said, I do have to go and ice my head, take my Sprix abortive along with some more oxygen therapy and hope and pray no one rings the door bell because I just might jump out of my skin if 3 dogs start that yapping. I need my solitude and see how long this nasty cycle will last. Now the numbness is spreading to my jaw and the pain is radiating from my eye to the temple. Dear God please stop this agonizing pain. My head feels like it's going to crumble into a billion pieces.
Oh, almost forgot, my neurologist suggest I take Magnesium Gluconate 250mg. He said it works better on the Neurological system and on migraines as well. Has anyone heard of this and tried this? Just wondering. I was going to research this but not now.

Until next time everyone stay well and keep safe.

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