Thursday, October 4, 2012

Living in Migraine Hell

The pain has been unyeilding, unrelenting and non-stop. Just when I think it is letting up I get up and go about trying to lead what resembles a shadow of a life and Bam, Slam, Boom-here we go, knock me down again for the count. This little devil that lives inside my head behind this dang eye of mine is relentless. He just won't get up. He gets his jackhammer all revved up again and starts at it again-trying to hammer his way out from the back of my head through my eyeball. I wish sometimes I could just reach in there and rip that critter out of there and stomp him to death on the floor and he'll be no more!! Yes, I want to pulverize him and squish him until he's a quivering liquid blob that cannot hurt me nor anyone else for that matter!
This migraine/cluster pain is unbearable. How I can even see to type this is beyond me. I could not see at all yesterday. I did get on Amazon and order the Magnesium Gluconate the neurologist recommended I take along with the Riboflavin. Strange how the Gluconate form of Magnesium is not that easy to find. And after seeing a post by Diana Lee about Sea-Band wrist bands as a natural alternative to this blasted nausea that goes w/these migraine attacks I got those picked up as well. I'm willing to try anything at least once to see if it works.
This rolling stomach with the dry heaves is worse than actually having to heave itself. I'm too chicken to force the issue to I just take my Zofran and ride it out and stay close to the throne just in case. I get up as slowly as I can but who am I kidding-I lie in bed and everything is spinning anyway. I still feel the numbness in the face and the distorted vision. I could not drive myself to the hospital to save my own life if I had to let alone anyone else! The LH eyelid is still droopy but not as bad as 2 days ago but still a little more watery than usual. I'm strange in the fact my aura's last from the beginning all the way to the end of my migraine, even thru the hangover stage most times.
Then I see on my one abortive med Indocin when used over time can cause vision damage. Well, guess what, when I max out on my Migranal abortive and Sprix abortive all I have left in my arsonal is Indocin! So that explains my drastic changes in my vision! So why doesn't the pharmacy put that on that page long "warning and precation" sheet they give me each time I have that stupid medicine filled? Again, if it was not for I'd be so lost a majority of the time. I do not know what I would do without the wealth of information they provide and the support. It is invaluable.
I was dismayed to see that those who have had Botox injections it can take 2 to up to 4 rounds to see results and I had just 1 round 2-3 years ago. True mine were not give a fair chance to set in to take effect. My current neurologist wants to give them another try in another month. I will be on Medicare the beginning of November and to get the prescription benefits we are checking with an insurance coordinator that will combine Medicare with another plan that will cover RX. I think for Michigan it's Humara but I'm not certain. So if it's covered I will give it another go.
I am a real chicken when it comes to needles and it did hurt, especially in the neck and shoulder area, but he said I was to go straight home and rest for the 1st 24 hours to give it a chance to set it. So we shall see. But right now I'd be willing to undergo the table saw to get rid of this pain. It just will not give me a break. I'm so flipping sick and tired of it. Early this morning at 6:38 am I had to give myself a dose of Migranal and followup with some Oxygen. My dear husband, and I use that term loosely, comes in before he starts to get ready for work and starts ranting he wanted me to cut his hair before he got ready for work. In FIFTEEN min he wanted me to jump right on up out of bed and FOCUS and cut his hair then I had to fix his breakfast and pack his lunch, all without heaving and weaving about. And he got ticked, repeat TICKED because Oh how dare I be sick AGAIN and not be able to cut his hair at the LAST MINUTE before he got ready for work in addition to the other things I have to do FOR him!!
What an ungreatful wife I am!!
That being said I better sign off before I get out of control. I guess I better go try to somehow clean up the kitchen and figure out what to do about supper and keep my stomach down so I again don't appear to be such an ungreatful and selfish wife. Shame on me!

Until next time I wish the rest of you better health, Happier times and to be safe.

Ephesians 5:13
Light exposes the true character of everything

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