Friday, November 16, 2012

Comorbidites of Migraine Disease-easier for me to understand at least-maybe for you too??? In Layperson terms. Graphs, I always loved Graphs.

I came across this online and have always been interested in comorbidities in Migraine Disease and find this not only true but facinating. I just wanted to share this and pass this along as I found this a little easier to understand than all the other articles that sometimes seemed like mumbo jumbo, especially when your head felt like it was going to expolde in a million pieces or like mine where not only that but your eyeball felt like it was being jackhammered out from the inside. Honestly, the person that came up with the term ice pick never experienced this pain. Ice pick my A_ _!!!!!!!!!  He's a little devil with a jackhammer just going to town 1st on the eyeball then inside the whole darn head!! If only I could reach inside there and pluck him out and roast the little critter myself! Ha ha, take that you little buzzard I'd say!! LOL, if only................................ Well, that is my scenario in my dreams of how I'd take care of him..



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