Friday, November 16, 2012

Technology is getting the better of me today.


Migraine Brain and smart phone apps do not seem to want to go together. For that matter, Migraine Brain and any sort of technology do not seem to go well together at all the past 24 hours.

For some reason my iPod will not recognize my WiFi settings. Actually, it is erased from my settings. Now did I do that or did it do it by itself? I cannot think that after all this time it would do that on it's own so I had to have done it. But how? And when? I remember the last time I was able to check my Barometer reading was yesterday 11-15-12 as I do every day for my Migraine Diary. Last night before I did my Sprix Migraine Abortive and Oxygen Therapy I tried to access it again to see what the current reading was and I went to my settings and no WiFi settings there. And my HP printer settings gone too. My head hurt too much to comtemplate it so I did my therapy and I set my timer alarm like I always did and hit start on my countdown timer and after awhile I didn't hear my alarm go off. I reach for my smartphone and it was like I didn't hit the start button. I'm like "what"????? I could have sworn I hit the start button but at that point I'm like "oh to heck with it" and shut  off the O2 and hoping I got 15 min but not over 15 min cause each E tank only has 4 doses in it and Alicks just delivered yesterday.

So this morning I have 2 alarms now. 2 alarm settings to remind me to take my morning preventive meds. Both are set to go off at 6:30 am. Well, they went off at 6:30 am allright. The 1st one was pillreminder and the icon popped up like it was suppose to so I could hit the dismiss button. The 2nd one was the built in alarm clock that came w/the smartphone and the popup didn't come up on the screen to hit the dismiss. I hit the icon button on my homescreen. No dismiss button. I opened the alarm setting for 6:30 am. No option to stop the alarm. I total frustration I shut the phone off. The whole time the stupid alarm would NOT shut off and I have the ringtone set to Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze. Well, I was in a Haze allright but it was not purple. The phone was taking it's sweet ole time shutting down as it was showing me it's shutting down screen and it's trickle down logo and as it was fading to black I was comptemplating throwing it at something of flushing it down the toilet as it was still playing Purple Haze. Then it did it's vibrate thing and black then silence! And they call it a smartphone!!?? I'm ready to go back to ole fashioned cell phones that are easier to use and set-not those hidden icon things. I went back into it an hour ago and it is NOT selected to hide it's icon in the status bar or anywhere. I've only had it since this summer so this expensive thing better not be going belly-up already.

And then on this "smartphone" I downloaded a free app to store all my passwords for all my applications online as I kept forgetting them and resetting them all the time. Well, this app called "note everything" keeps freezing up when I try to open it and I cannot access my passwords. So I went into my cellphone settings to check to see if maybe I don't have enough free space on my cellphone and maybe that is why it's locking up. I moved apps that would allow me to on the extra Micro SD card so I have more than enough space. I did a defrag only on cellphones they call it a root cleaner to make sure that space was optimized and I have plenty of room. So it must be a problem with the application. I did a shutdown and restart several times. These smart phones are as touchy if not more so than PC's.

And doing all of this while you have a migraine makes it all the more frustrating, I want to take them all and go toss them in my pond out in the front yard and watch all the bubbles rise to the surface until they bubble no more. But then the part of me that loves my technology would come to mourn them by the next day and miss them. So what I need to do is put the techno toys aside, get out the ice packs and maybe have my daughter look at them when she gets home. She's good with the iPods and cellphones. She can figure it out for me if I can't.

She went with a friend last night to see the midnight show of Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2. I so want to see it but I guess I better wait for it to come out of DVD so I can control the volume and the atmosphere. And like part1 they will probably make me wait until Feb 2013. Oh well. Not like I'm in the mood to watch movies now anyway.

Until next time I wish you all well. Be happy, healthy and safe. And don't let technology get the better of you-you show it that YOU are the boss. At least put it down and show it later when you feel better or take it to the Geek squad and they will show it.

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