Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Migraine iPod tools I found interesting


I have always loved my technology through the years to the point of being borderline geekish. I recall thinking often, as some others my age may often do "now why didn't they have this when I was younger?" I love my computer, my tablet, my notebook, my smart phone (though it loves to prove how dumb I am more times than not as well as all my other tech devices) and my old MP3 player vs my new iPod and my new Wii with the accessories I'm slowly adding to it. But what I really like most is the Migraine Apps I can add and use on my new iPod. I just recently found and added an Antique Barometer App that can keep a 5 day history of readings after you enter in your location.  Which is pretty important to me and I write down on my notepad the Am and Pm my Migraine App.

 I then downloaded the free ecoHeadache app and it has preloaded but limited features were you can log your migraines, the location of pain, meds taken, therapy, pain scale, Midas score but to have more control and have more entries and more data for $1.99 you can get the full version that is more customizable and you can add more fields and it will generate a chart you can email to your doctor to print or you can email to yourself to take to your doctor. It will even give you a notes area where you can make any additional comments and that is where I will put drastic weather changes and add the Barometer readings like if there was a drastic rise or drop as well as drastic temp changes or storms as well.

I think it was on I had read about the app My Pain Diary and Ubiqi. I have both of those but I have found ecoHeadache to be the best as it is more customizable and once you enter in a med and therapy like hot rice pack or ice pad or massage therapy you don't have to enter it in again. Also too with the medication, you just have to enter in times for the therapy and dose for the meds. It will give you a pain scale and you can enter in on the paid version any additional triggers you may have that are not listed as well as any other pain locations that are not listed as well. It will make sure it prompts you to save it after you make each entry and what is also cool is when your done for the day you can view the summary.

And I just recently found on Amazon through the MP3 download a new Meditation playlist: Guided Imagery:Recovering From Illness or Injury. Presented by Images of Wellness Jane Pernotto Ehrman, M. ED, CHES. It was $4.95 and contains 5 steps, or sessions: 1, managing pain with breath (15 min 19 sec); 2, enhancing healing and recovery (25 min 49 sec); 3, releasing pain (12 min 30 sec); 4, remembering wellness (8 min 11 sec) ; 5, enhancing the immune system (17 min 46 sec). Even if your a non-believer for $4.95 it's worth a shot just to give it a try. It's relaxing. For some who are familiar w/guided imagery like I am this is oh so familiar and not strange at all. For those that are not it does take some getting use to. But it is worth a try. What have you got to loose now really? It's time you can spend focused on making yourself feel better-spend time on you for a change, and just when was the last time you did that?

You can download all sorts of meditation MP3's that have music or nature sounds only and no spoken words if you wish. Sometimes I like the Guided Imagry to help me along when I'm feeling disoreinted. The guidance sometimes is welcomed. But there are days I go to my music only for meditation. But as always I play it on low and snuggle with my little Paco buddy. The good thing with my iPod I can use it with or without the earphones and put it on the lowest setting possible when my head is at it's worse the volume is at its lowest. Pre-migraine days I use to crank my music till the windows would rattle. I cannot do that anymore.

And speaking of that I did a major blunder today. I had to clean the bathroom as it was due. Not paying attention I mixed chemicals. A major blunder. I just about made myself pass out. Turning on the exhaust fan and closing the door on my way out, my lungs burning, eyes watering so heavy I could not see, choking and coughing a lung up darn near I crawled to the living room floor and collapsed gasping for air. When I caught my breath I got up and slowly walked to the sliding door off the kitchen and opened it up and let fresh air in, gasping in clean air on my 1/2 wet cheeks on my face until they dried in the freezing air and my nose was running. I closed the door and then blew my nose and a little speck of blood came out. Well, I cleaned the bathroom and I apparently cleaned my lungs and nose. It will be a while before I can go back into that bathroom and put things back in place. But at least I have a clean tub and toilet. I will have to remember next time not to be such a scatter brain and take in there only 1 chemical at a time and when I'm done with that, remove it, air out the bathroom, take in the next chemical, remove it and air it out and so on. What a stupid idiotic retarted thing to do to myself. I try to do it all in one day at the same time and about do myself in. How stupid. Now I need to turn the furnace back on because it's freezing in here-turned it off when I opened up the slider to air it out in here. I'm sure my head will get me back for this one. I might consider it that I deserve this one.

Morale of the story-don't mix chemicals, but a normal person things clearly because they are not in Migraine land where those brain signals are not so mixed up most of the time, like mine. I can't speak for others, just myself.

Until next time be happy, healthy and please be safe. I am going to go meditate and clear my mind so I can try to think straight.

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