Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Negative Migraine Blog Basher and Thanksgiving Survival


Well, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later but I was hoping for later. On my other blog:  I got a negative email from a migraine basher. By the apparent misspelled words and lack of coherent wording and misplaced words it was obvious in the 1st place that this person was A. Not intelligent and by their ranting that I was a whiner and basically sitting on my butt and not doing anything to help myself that B. This person was not educated and could not read.

I've made it quite clear through the years since I had my 1st migraine around 1989 after the birth of my daughter in 1985 but I went into more details on my family history of migraines: and that in 2010 the migraines progressed to daily intractable and not due to medication overuse. On this other site I have links to my older sites that give more of my migraine history and how proactive I've been in trying to find resolutions, but I guess to my uneducated critic it was not enough. I guess I'm suppose to go to med school to find a better solution, eh?

I replied to the email and of course it came back bogus. No surprise. Too chicken livered to use a real email address and stand beside those harsh abrasive words. Too bad I deleted that email on that Word Press site. Too bad. So it's bash-run-hide tactics. I'm use to the usual non-support in my inner circle and in my former work place. In fact I have been able to tune out most of the negative comments and the LOC (lack of support) to a degree where I can turn a blind eye to it. To an extent because I've become desensitised to it and it's become almost second natured. To me it's second natured for a majority of people to be rude and ignorant. You cannot people who are too ignorant to be educated. I figure after 30+ years that's enough trying and schools out I turn a deaf ear to them and tune them out. I can give them a "little" empathy for their little ailments but that is as far as it goes. We co-exist and I try to take care of me as selfish as that may sound but no one else will so I focus on trying to stay positive.

I will admit I back slid some this Thanksgiving and let some of the negative creep back in. But now that the spouse is back to work the negative is out during the day and I can focus on the positive and try to take care of me and meditate, pray, journal and contrary to what my negative basher said I continue to work and review and research on what I can do to try to make things better and what I can take on my next appointment with my neuro on Jan 8th. I'm not whining or asking for pity or loathing in self pity so my bash, run and hide w/phony email critic who is illiterate can take his/her ignorant non-sentence idiotic words and maybe go back to school and take English and learn how to spell and maybe do some research on diseases before he/she decides to go on other peoples sites and decides to bash anyone else again.

Until next time I wish you all well, be safe, healthy and happy.
Peace to you all.

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