Friday, November 30, 2012

Raw w/pain but staying calm and focused and preparing for what may lie ahead, if anything may come that is


It has been a couple of days, dealing w/a bad bout of Migraine pain and all that comes with it/vertigo, visual disturbance (partial blindness in 1 eye) extreme pain in neck, shoulders, upper back, scalp and have the chills. I get the chills off and on but more so of late. Feeling like I had a close encounter w/a Mac Truck. Trying to peel myself off the floor to await another rendezvous later down the road. Ironic.

More and more pains have been cropping up and not going away after the migraine pain settles down to it's steady and constant level 6 of late. My neuro wants my family MD to do a work up to see if I do or do not have Fibromyalgia. Oh goodie. Another malady to have on my plate. Just as I came to terms with Migraine Disease and it's Comorbidities something else this way slithers. Or maybe not. Could just be a sign of old age. I mean how much can a 50 yr old body take after being abused by migraines day after day and since 1978 since I was officially diagnosed?

Well, off I go to try to get warmed up. The ice packs on my head eased the throbbing a tiny bit but put my body in a deeper chill I cannot seem to shake. A hot bath sounds so good if only I had some Epsom salts to soak away the aches.

Until next time I wish you all good health. Take care.

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