Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thinking positive is good for the health, spirit and mind-all in one body connection


Happy Veterans Day. Today my hubby of a little over 30 years turned 56 years old. Wow, again as I said the other day the time sure does fly by. Does not seem at times he's 56 with him being such a work-a-holic. he burns the candle at both ends and in the middle at times it seems, and whether it's fair or not he expects me sometimes to keep up and in the beginning of our marriage I could, but the past few years a few parts of my candle have fizzled out. Not burned out completely, just sort of fizzled out.

But onto another topic. I might be bouncing all over the place so excuse me in advance. An interesting email exchange this week brought up this interesting point about Christianity. I have experienced this 1st hand on numerous occasions. You can win over and keep Christians by your own acts of faith, by your own testimony. By walking the talk, not just by talking it. And you can win more over by not going the extreme and being judgemental, but by being empathetic and sympathetic and kind. We only  have ONE Judge and ONE juror over all of mankind and that is the Lord Jesus Christ and how dare we take over that role. That is truly, in my opion, blasphemy of all blasphemies. We as Christians are given crosses to bear and how we handle them is our testament and testimony to our walk in faith. To moan on pathetically and to call pity onto ourselves is not calling justice to the following in our walk with Christ. Christ did not call pity onto himself, and we are not to do this ourselves as Christians in our daily walk.

I believe as I had came to suffer so with these migraine episodes that became a daily debilitating chronic disease and with everything else that just piled on top of it (PTSD, Depression, IBS, Chronic Debilitating Insomnia-just to name a few) and when I came to my breaking point it then it became clear to me that all my whining and moaning and my self-pity was for naught. I prayed and laid it all onto God. It did not cure me. I will not be cured-there is no cure for Migraine Disease and all the effects that entails that disorder which are too many to list. but I can handle it better than in years past.

I have learned a lot this past year and I have also grown a lot mentally and spiritually as well. During a bad Migraine Attack while I'm taking my abortive meds and my oxygen therapy I can tolerate music (to a certain extent) to a very low volume and use the tools that have been given to me over the years by therapists and Migraine Specialists and Neurologists my Meditation and Visualization skills, Biofeedback, Muscle Relaxation Technique and just trying to pray and think in the positive mode. To some of my "die hard Judgemental Christian friends this would be all Mumbo Jumbo and might be considered Satanic to the far extreme" but I know I am right with God and he will not judge me harshly because I am following his commandments and I am doing unto others as I would have them do unto me and judge not least ye be judged. As the ole saying goes those who live in glass houses should not cast stones and he who is without sin let them cast the 1st stone. Everyone who is human sins. We have to remember every day to ask for forgiveness and repent and pray and each day is a new day and start anew. The past is the past-today is a gift and tomorrow is never promised. So take each day as it is meant-a gift and make the most of it, treasure it and take the gift and value it as it's meant to be. Make no enemies and cast no judgements on others for that is not our job, but befriend them by setting an example and walk the walk instead of just talking it. And above all do not pity yourself and don't ask for pity from others. But stand proud and tall and in your weakness admit when you are weak and if you need help ask for help. If you see someone struggling ask first if they need help then ask if they need your help then offer it. Do not force yourself on someone. If they say no back off and let it be. Nothing is worse than being an unwanted guest. Well, actually there is-a long staying unwanted guest.

But make the most of what you have and cherish the good days where you are pain free and when you do have pain remember the pain free days and concentrate on those and they will carry you through. Don't linger on the bad, bitterness, hatefulness, resentfulness, the bad or ugly or the sickness. Get your mind away from the bad, try to focus and concentrate on the good and positive and you can slowly feel your mind relax and your body along with it. It's a little better. Not a cure, but a little better. It's a start.

Sending you good wishes and good thoughts. And good prayers.

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