Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feeling like a failure today and oh so hopeless

I cannot help but feel like such a hopeless failure today. Since yesterday I've been down with a bad migraine from hell. Everything hurts.. from my scalp down to my feet it seems. I just brush my hair from my face with my fingertips and just the tugging of the hair on my scalp from that sends pain through my head.
Again I'm living like a vampire. I have all the curtains closed. As soon as my daughter left for work the TV was shut off immediately. I didn't want that noisemaker on as it irritates my head so. Thank goodness its not raining out as I can let the dogs out in the fenced in yard so they can romp and wear off some rowdiness out there instead of in the house. These walls just seem to make the noise echo too much when they are in here playing around.
It won't be too long where they will be cooped up in the house rough housing and driving me up the wall with that play yapping. Heaven help me when that time comes. I guess I will have to resort to wearing ear plugs.
I usually love this time of year-Fall use to be my favorite season. To go out and enjoy the cooler temperatures wearing a sweatshirt. Go to local fruitstands and get fresh picked apples and then see the fall colors. The trees from what I can see out my windows, away from the sunlight, are slowly starting to turn. My mum's are starting to bloom. They have a ton of blooms this year. My best friend suggested I trim them this year due to the early Spring we had they were wanting to bloom early, so I trimmed them down twice. They have never been so full and loaded with blooms before, and this is I beleive the 4th or 5th year since they've been planted? I will have to try to get a picture of them once they are in full bloom.
But for now I need to get some hot herbal decaf tea and rest my so sore and painful head. Feeling again like a hopeless failure. Where have I gone wrong to deserve 2 days in a row of pure agony. I am so thankful though that yesterday my husband and daughter were so supportive that it almost made me cry. I did appreciate their kindness.
I will go cuddle up with my little puppy pal and try to give my weary head a break. Until next time I hope all of you have a Blessed Day and try to stay happy, healthy and be well.


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