Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Migraine Hell

Today is pure hell. My head is killing me. Behind my LH eye it feels like some little man is in there trying to jackhammer his way out through my skull through my eye socket, and the bottom eyelid is drooping and watery. The pain goes through my temple along that side to my ear. My ear is popping but my jaw isn't. I'm squinting as I'm typing this, even with my bifocals on. I had to turn off all the lights as they bother my eyes, and even the light from the computer screen seems to be glaring at me. The words are blurred and make no sense as I read them back to myself=it all seems jumbled mush. The LH side of my face is partially numb and my neck is sore down to my shoulder. All of my scalp is sore and my trigger points all through my scalp and face are super sore to touch. Strange I don't feel sick to my stomach. Yet. But smells are bothering me and I'm starting to see those blinky flashing lights in my vision so I know pretty soon I will see more aura's so this will be very short. Time to get the abortives out and the O2 and hit the dark room and ride it out and see how long it lasts. So much for today. This bites. I had plans on getting laundry caught up as well as the dishes. It will have to wait until hopefully later. Migraine robs another day.

I hope everyone else is doing fine. Take care all of you.

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