Sunday, September 23, 2012

Migraine Hell just won't give me a break

Sorry I have not been on for a few days. I've been in that Migraine Hell.
Using all my "Migraine Tools" (Abortives and of course preventives) to what it seems like to no avail. My next appointment with my neuro is on Oct 1st, which looking at the calendar is fast approaching-just over a week away. It will be a follow-up on what my new meds are doing and I guess to see if there will be any adjustments. I hope I can be able to drive myself as my best friend will be newly married and on her honeymoon. So I will have no other choice, really. I think, actually I hope and pray if I leave early and allow a lot of extra time and drive very cautiously I pray I should be ok. I hope. Well, I guess we will find out, huh.
The thing that has surpised me the most the past couple of days is that my husband and daughter have been very helpful and supportive the past couple of days. Yesterday morning I took my abortives and did my O2 therapy and went back to bed. My daughter did the dishes for me and went to work.
No wait, that was Friday morning. Geese how I screw up the days. She did that Friday morning. Then she was to meet a friend for dinner who cancelled on her, but then she met her dad instead so they had dinner out so I would not have to cook, then he picked up my RX's for me on his way home.
So that makes yesterday Saturday. Ok, now I'm caught up so today is Sunday. Gee. Being on these 3-4 day spells really gets a person behind schedule and gets the days out of kilter. Yesterday I was up to making them breakfast, sorta, but then my husband cleaned up the breakfast plates. But I was not totally off the hook. He drug me out to his pole barn to help him work on that project car of his. Yesterday was a miserable day. I had to come in and do more abortive treatments and make him a very simple dinner while I did my cheerios again and took a hot bath and went to bed.
Today, Sunday, miserable. That Sprix is not getting any easier to use. Still burns and stings and I still cannot use the O2 right away. I still have to wait 10-15 min after that dose to use the O2 or else I feel like I choking on that med going down my nose in my throat. But the sun is out too bright today. Yesterday was stormy part of the day and overcast-it hailed a little bit.
So I'm going to see how the rest of today goes. I'm going to go lie down again for a while. I feel like I've been rung thru the wringer.
So until the next time be happy, healthy and safe.


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