Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here is a new product I just got I'm excited about sharing-To help w/pain around temple/eye area associated with Migraines

Here is the newest toy I got and I just tried it out as soon as the delivery man dropped it off at my front door late this afternoon. I ordered it online through Amazon direct and was able to take advantage of the free super saver shipping and paid no sales tax. I got it today and was anxious to try it out. I get those really super sore and sensative trigger spots around my eyes and temple area. I was amazed. It uses gentle air pressure around the eye area when it inflates and puts pressure on those points that are tender-around the outer part of the surrounding eye area and up around the eyebrow and under the eye area. But the pressure is not too harsh. It will alternate between air pressure, then massage along with heat. It has built in MP3 with soothing sounds which you can use with the ear plugs it comes with or use your own MP3 player. You will need to use something because it is a little noisy-that is the only drawback. You can set it for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. It has a 1 year warranty. It shipped direct from the factory and I got it in less that a week from California to Michigan via FedEx. It comes w/4 AA batteries but also w/an AC adapter so its portable so you can travel with it and use it in a car and annoy the heck out of the driver w/the noise it makes, or wait until you arrive at your destination and use the AC adaptor when they go off to get dinner and your left alone.

So time will tell if it's beneficial. I only know that for myself, the surrounding area around my eyes is really sore to the touch as is the temple area. Some days one side is worse than the others. I thought this might be helpful to me. Maybe it would be helpful to others. The price was $99.00. At this point I'm willing to try anything. Within reason and logic, of course. So I shall see how long this little contraption will work and what the long term benefits are, if any. But I thought it was worth sharing.

Take care everyone and until next time,
Be happy, healthy and be safe.

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