Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another new product to try for chronic neck pain

OK, I was a skeptic. I held off for a few weeks and kept looking at this on Amazon and kept putting it off. About every other day I'd just check it out and say "Naw, can't be-not worth it, looks uncomfortable, not gonna buy it". I know that will drive some of you grammar correct people nuts but I can't help it. So I finally broke down and listened to my Chiropractor, who I really need to go and see-it's been about 3 weeks and I can really feel it. But it came yesterday and last night was my 1st night of using this in place of my regular pillow. I do have to say it was tough to adjust to it. It's great if you sleep on your back. My husband said i snored when I was on my back. Oh well, he's tormented me for YEARS with his snoring so payback time!! I woke up a few times in the night when I had to roll over on my side because I just have to sleep on my LH side. I've just been that way for years-I'm a Left Hand sided sleeper. I will try sometimes to sleep on my RH if I can't get comfortable but I just end up tossing and turning. But this will take some getting use to. My neck was not quite as sore as it has been when I got up this morning-granted there will be some soreness there because of the migraine/neck pain association and I had that bad whiplash injury in the early 80's and my cervical spine likes to curve the opposite direction than what it's suppose to ever since then, but when my husband massaged my neck and shoulders the LH shoulder was still very tender to the touch as was the LH side of the neck. Of course the head doesn't let up. The barometer was 30.14 at 6:30 this morning and the rain is that constant drizzle and overcast dreary day. But it could always be worse as I am trying to find my silver lining and trying to keep my positive outlook. Hopefully this pillow after a few more nights will work it's magic and I can see my chiropractor and he can realign my neck and the pillow will do more benefit like it's suppose to. But it's just something to share with anyone out there looking for something to try for neck pain. I plan on using it when I hope to try to read an actual book on "sick and tired of being sick and tired" on the couch later on so that I don't get neck fatigue. And if I can get my dizziness under control I want to try my yoga on my Wii fit balance board again. Need to dump some plump here!! So fingers crossed, prayers being said, getting my vitamins down me and extra water to make sure I'm hydrated so that I can't blame dehydration for these cursed migraines, and do a little relaxation meditation and some Oxygen to try to keep a big one at bay to get this goal accomplished as best I can before it gets full blown.

By the way is anyone using Riboflavin, Magnesium Gluconate and Pantothenic Acid in their supplement program recommended by they're Doctor for migraine prevention. I cannot use Feverfew. I tried that a few years back and actually reacted to it. It made my migraines worse. I tried butterbur, I think that's how you spelled it, but noticed no difference. But I did notice the Magnesium and the other two B vitamins seem to make me go to the bathroom a lot-well that and the extra water. But I was asking for any additional input on that for supplements from others and their success if they noticed any or not.

So until next time everyone
Take care and be healthy, happy and be safe

Philippians 2:3, Do nothing out of selfish ambitions or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

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