Saturday, October 6, 2012

Savor Each Day

 I came across some interesting facts yesterday that I was not aware of. Oh, I knew of a few, well maybe a couple of famous people that suffered migraines in the past, but I was a little shocked to learn who actually made the list. I'm sure there are many, many more that are not on the list, for whatever reason. It's a shame that the "current" celebritries don't get on their soapboxes and use their status to really call more attention to this disease and lend their clout for fundraising to go towards research, instead of tossing an ungodly amount of cash to these fundraising events for political arenas and other frivolous spending sprees. I'm not saying that all these celebs on this list that suffer migraines do this, but I bet the majority of their friends and colleagues do.
And if they lend their voices and cash to migraine research I bet it would help take away some of the stigma attached to migraine as well.
But here is the list of past and current sufferers that I stumbled across. If anyone has a longer list I'd be interested in getting a copy of it.
Top 30 Most Famous Migraine SufferersMovie Stars:
Marcia Cross
Ben Affleck
Hugh Jackman
Whoopi Goldberg
Lisa Kudrow
Star Jones
Virginia Madsen
Kristin Chenoweth
Elle Macpherson
James Cromwell
Elizabeth TaylorMusicians:
Elvis Presley
Carly Simon
Loretta Lynn
Janet Jackson


Dwyane Wade Percy Harvin
Freddie Ljungberg
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Serena WilliamsTerrell Davis

Historical Figures:

All of that talent and they didn't let the pain hold them down. No wonder the vivid imagination to write the story of Alice in Wonderland came from a Migraine Sufferer-Lewis Carroll. To read up on him the images and characters he wrote about were from his migraine aura's. He put his disease to work for him instead of letting it work against him. And back in that era there was no medication to help with the pain that we have today. We should thank our lucky stars that we indeed have come a long way. I once read somewhere that those that suffer the most pain from chronic illness are usually the most gifted and put that talent to use in one form or another, or they use it to help others in one way or another.
I never paid much attention to that until I started reading all my fellow migraine and chronic pain bloggers and seeing this list and then it really hit home, especially after trying my hand at poetry after 34 years? I wonder if I tried to take up drawing again? Maybe I shouldn't push it. But the mind is a very complex and amazing piece of hardware we carry around with us. My neuro calls it our super computer because of all the data it holds and processes on a day to day basis that we are not even aware of. Our conscious and our subconscious mind is constantly at work 24/7/365. Even if we are forgetful and seem to lose things here and there and our short term memory is not what is use to be, our subconscious mind is still churning away.
The mind is an amazing thing. Hard to remember that when if feels like it's screaming in pain, but we do tend to take a lot for granted. As I look out my study window I can appreciate the fall colors even though it's a gloomy day, I love those fall colors and I can appreciate seeing them and being able to focus on them. I can process on everything going on around me and appreciate what I have and those in my life and that I am not without like so many others are-like shelter, food, clothing and medicine. I am not suffering from dementia or Alzheimers, although some days I feel like I am when I'm having a bad migraine attack, but on days I'm not I can just appreciate on days like today it's just signs of getting older and I'm not terminally ill so I can appreciate that.
Yes, sometimes we, or rather I should speak for myself, like to whine and complain and take things for granted. It's time to learn to appreciate more of what I have now and worry about the what if until later when or if the time comes.

Until next time dear ones enjoy each day as it arrives for it is the present, do not worry about the past because it is done and cannot be undone, and do not worry about tomorrow because we never know if it will come.

Be happy, be healthy, be safe and be in peace.

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