Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Being Haunted by Candy
In a little over 3 weeks it will be Halloween. Time for all the little Ghouls and Goblins to put on their finest attire and go knocking from door to door and scare up the finest treats to be had and then go home and get loaded up on a sugar high and drive those poor parents up the wall with their sugar-crazed antics. Oh those were the good ole days when you could eat whatever you wanted, all chocolate covered or caramel glazed, coated or filled and the only repercussions you suffered was the sugar high and then the letdown. Unless you were one of the unlucky few that suffered from childhood migraines from the ingrediants in the candy. But it seems nowadays the candy they make now has more artificial junk than it did years ago. Or is it that we are just now paying more attention to it now that we have become more sensative to it and react more rapidly and more frequently to it?
I remember having my mom inspect each and every piece of candy to make sure it was sealed and not tampered with. Back and that day and age we got fresh fruit and thought nothing of it but it was like "are you kidding maam, we want sugar-give us chocolate, not fruit! But would eat the apple when the candy was all gone. Now you don't dare touch the fruit as there are sicko's that put razors or inject crap in there to make the kids sick. But in my day and time it was safer. Such a shame that things change over time and kids cannot be safe even to go trick and treating.
But I'd dive into the Payday bars, and Reeses Cups. Those were my all time favorites. I think the other one was called Mr. Goodbar-chocolate and peanuts. The rest was fine, I'd gobble them, but my favorites man I'd wolf them down. I'd get a major upset stomach but nothing worse. Can't do that now. No way. I'd pay for it dearly.
But when time came for me to take my daughter trick or treating I'd take her around my old neighborhood. I'd do the same ritual. I'd inspect every piece of her candy as she'd too wait impatiently. If any appeared opened I'd toss them and she'd have a fit, but she had a ton more candy than I had ever gotten. And a shame I had to throw away homemade popcorn balls and fresh fruit because that was at the time now where stuff like that was in the news as being altered and tampered. Oh, I loved popcorn balls.
Feeling nostalgia as the end of the month is staring at me on the calendar right next to me here. Sundays paper was full of costume and candy ideas already. I imagine in a week or so they will be advertising Thanksgiving. Time is flying by so rapidly but I'm stuck thinking of years past and the rituals handed down. And now I have Reeses on the mind. How did I end up with this?

Until next time stay healthy, happy and safe. Try not to over indulge in the candy. And I need to find a way to not obsess over Reeses!!

Those Reeses are going to haunt me now. Grrrr..

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