Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Come on all Migrainers-Let your voices be herd!

Hey all you fellow migrainers out there, Teri Robert has asked us to let our voices be herd by the FDA on Migraine Disease. She will be speaking on our behalf next week at the main meeting for primary diseases for study and evaluation. The objective is to get Migraine Disease added onto the list and get it recognized for what it is-a Severe Disabling Neurological Disease that needs more funding and research and better treatment. This will also in turn, hopefully in time, remove the stigma attached to Migraine Disease as there will be more education not only for physicians but also for the public. Because if there is more funding and more medications for Migraine Disease they will gain more acceptance as you see these other Diseases and medications that are advertised on TV, and no were not talking about Migraine Excedrin.

Please take the time to check this out and submit your comments. As Teri said keep your statement brief as they limit the number of characters you can use. Practice in Word Document and even copy and paste it like I did. We need to make our voices herd and get Migraine Disease out of the closet and get it recognized for what it is-a Debilitating Neurological Disease that needs more funding, more advanced pharmaceutical medications, abortive and preventives, and newer advances in treatment.We need to have our doctors better trained and better patient care.

Everyone please go fill out this form and let your voice be herd. We may never get this chance again.

Until next time be healthy, happy and in peace.!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-0967-0001

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