Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some things easy, others not so

It's been a few days since I've been online. These few days have been a blur. Trying to not let the pain get the better of me. Some days it's hard to do. Looking around me at this cluttered house and not letting the guilt creep up on me. The rugs need the Dyson to attack them, but my head is not up to the noise. I can randomly dust here and there and do some dishes little by little and some laundry once in a while when I can. Making breakfast lunch and supper is a chore in itself at times. Sometimes looking at food while I'm making it is not very appetizing, that's for sure. Just a couple of days ago in the wee hours of the morning when I was feeling queasy I had a cat and my dog heaving and puking. Of course trying to clean that up without my losing it was quite a chore. I think that was on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm not sure as the days just blurry and blend into each other.

I thought I might be feeling a little hunger pain but now it's gone after that.

I had gotten a used Notebook off eBay a couple of weeks ago and my husband was not too happy with me. He called it a piece of crap. Well, of course because he didn't choose it or make the selection or decision then it was a bad choice. Anything I do is bad in his eyes. But he has sunk and continues to sink a fortune in that 1939 Ford Coupe street rod that he has now rebuilt for the 2nd time since he's owned it, this time with a new frame, as a frame off restoration. Not asking my permission nor my opinion nor my advice. TONS of money has gone into that thing that has not been driven in about 3-4 years since he started this last rebuild, and when it is driven only during the Spring/Summer time and stored in the winter. So it's just a toy. But I'm not allowed to have anything unless he preauthorize it? BS.

When I got it I knew the hard drive was small, 80 MB. I ordered and got my 1 terabyte drive yesterday. Installed it myself and reloaded Windows 7 ultimate all by myself. No problem. So what if I have to reload the software including Microsoft Windows. I'm use to backing up my documents to the external network drive before I did anything. But when I got my notebook that got him on the ball and fixed my regular PC that was down since August when sudden T-storms came thru and forced a hard shut down and rendered it useless. He had to take out my hard drive and piggy back it onto his PC to save my music files, picture files, documents and email files and contacts. He finally got my hard drive formatted and put back into the tower and the OS installed and it's working now. But it took me getting a notebook to get a fire lit under him.

Sure the notebook froze up and it was slow when I got it. But I got it for a steal on eBay. I upgraded it on my own and now she flies. I plan to use it for my own writing and it's portable so when this small study is hogged by him or my daughter I can use that instead in the dining room or on the couch. But I also can prove I'm no dummy either. I can work on a notebook, but a PC tower is a whole different story. I can't work on that. There are too may wires and connectors and plugs. Notebooks are the same as laptops-very few compartments and components so it's easy peasy.

Wish the head was like a notebook-few compartments and components. On that note I hear thunder and so that this hard drive doesn't fail again I best sign off and shut her down.

Until then be happy, stay safe and be healthy.

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