Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feeling raw w/that migraine hangover and the Insurance Blues


Feeling pretty raw with that migraine hangover from the past 2 days of that roller coaster ride of pain. The ups and downs of the constant barometric pressure highs and lows. Finally today the wind has calmed down to just a slight breeze but it's on the damp and chilly side. The head is at a semi-manageable roar, about a level 5-6, but I had so much to do today.

I could not put it off. Tomorrow my Humana Choice PPO  takes over as my Medicare health plan. So I spent most of the day on the phone in a daze to find out that 2 of my 3 primary physicians are not in Network and trying to comprehend the lingo of the now 20% coinsurance copay as opposed to Jan 1st 30% coinsurance copay and what Medicare would cover at 0% wellness as long as I go to an in network facility as opposed to out of network and my primary MD is out of network and oh if I was not confused before, yipes. I tried to make notes but trying to read them-I set them aside and better try again when my head is better.

And for prescriptions-they were telling me the closest pharmacy that participates. So I called to give them my Humana info to have in the system. Of course the card will have to be presented and just hope and pray that works out. Then I called Alick's Home Medical that provides my portable oxygen for my migraine abortive. Well of course they are out of network. But with Anthem that I had that expires midnight tonight I had a high deductible and 20% coinsurance. With Humana no deductible and the payout is 75/25 so I will have a 25% coinsurance with Alick's instead of 20%. Humana, they say, will send me a letter wanting me to switch with their nationwide provider Apria.

All BS. I will not switch my doctors I found now because I'm comfortable with them. And I will not switch with Alick's because they have come, even on the weekends, when Ive run out of my portable oxygen when I've run out. I will just have to play it by ear and see how it goes. My husband will save a lot of money not having me on his premium at work because they really raised his rates. I'm hoping this will be more affordable. Fingers crossed.

Now I'm in the process of transferring my medical records from my old family MD, and prior 2 OB-Gyn as well as all my records of my recent hospital stay to my new family MD in New Carlisle which, is just 10-15 min down the road from me across the state line. All the other doctors were at min 30 min away. The other 2 doctors I'm keeping are my therapist which is in South Bend but I can do those sessions on Skype once I can get that set up, and my neurologist in Mishawaka which is 40 min away but that's every 3-4 months.

My head is pretty raw now with all this overload of information. My scalp is sore to the touch. My eye socket feels raw and tender as is my temple. This neck and shoulder is pretty rough too-very sore to the touch. More heat pads are in order I believe. I've been so busy with all of this I have skipped lunch, a big no-no and have not even thought what to do for supper. And here it is 15 til 6 and I will have a hungry hubby any second coming thru the door greeted by 3 yapping hounds-that will not do my head any good. And I have this dining room table scattered w/paperwork that I have lost track of and my pill bottles that I had to have for Humana to help me w/those tier levels they go by.

Why is insurance so confusing? My head is still spinning. I feel like I've been rehearsing for the Exorcist.

Oh well, must go. Take care everyone. And Happy Halloween.

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