Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obamacare sucks


Wow, just what I didn't need. I got my Medicare booklet. 2 big books to be exact. My coverage took effect today. I'd say yippee but Obamacare really screwed it up. Big time. I about had a heart attack but then I saw that they increased the copay from $100 to $200 so I figured I'd better calm down, can't afford all these price hikes. Outpatient surgery for in network jumped from $95 copay to $225 copay. Holy crap. If you have to go to a skilled nursing facility it went from $137 a month to $150, in Network. If you go in network for a CT, MRI, PET or MRA that went from $50 copay to $225 copay, in network. If your out of network bring your own Vaseline because if you use theirs there is no guarantee it's sanitary. My Topiramate, which is generic for Topamax for God's sake, I paid $10 at CVS now they want to charge $40.00. My Diazepam generic for Valium I paid $10 for next year they will charge $83 for as well as for my generic Junel that is only a 21 day supply!! And they want you to do a mail order supply. Well, not this year. That is a major rip off and the cheaper version is in Puetro Rico. How do I know I'm getting the right drug cause they say they have the right to substitute?

I'm so depressed over Medicare. Thanks a lot Obama. You really screwed it up. I think I may start drinking again.


Geese, My Sprix nasal abortive I paid $60 copay at CVS-Humana Medicare wants to charge me $343.88 for the same 10 vial doses. And get this, I almost did have heart failure over this one-the Migrinal nasal spray abortive 8 vials also $60 copay at CVS, Humana Medicare wants to charge a really out of this world $9,770.40 for the same flipping RX. OH MY GOD!! ARE THEY CRAZY!! THAT'S A FLAT SCREEN TV RIGHT THERE!!!! There is no way I can afford to refill those prescriptions.

This is just obscene beyond words. How do they expect people to pay for the prescriptions, plus the monthly premiums and all the other essentials of life. And this is just the beginning. It's only going to get worse if Obama gets 4 more years. Medicare never use to be like this. It was not like this when my dad was on it.

I guess we have to see if people buy all the propoganda. Some people never learn and don't beleive what's right in front of their eyes until it smacks them in the face. Medicare is going to hell my friends. And Obama is at the wheel driving it there. You going to let him ditch it and leave it there and ruin it for good?

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