Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy being felt here in SW Lower MI


Hurricane Sandy is packing a mighty punch along the East Coast. When she hit the shoreline she was downgraded to a Nor'easter and when she came inland she hit head-on into a winter storm and created a big ole mess. Her effects were far reaching and came as far as SW Lower Michigan early evening last night. My sensitive built in Barometer started to let me know all hell was going to break loose as the winds started to pick up and howl through the night. The screens started rattling as the winds just kept gusting non-stop all night and all through the day. The Barometer started out yesterday morning at 30.20 and by nighttime it was down to 29.03. Now it's almost 4:30 and she's still dropping-now it's down to 29.60. Any drastic rise or drop is one of my triggers. I'm tossing everything I have at it from my trusty ole tool box and I have to ride out my internal storm as everyone rides out the external storm called Sandy.

We live about 20 minutes away from Michigan City Indiana. They are located near the bottom of Lake Michigan. At noon the Coast Guard measured the waves then at 25ft and the newscasters at that time predicted the storm had not peaked yet in this area in the way of wind damage. We've gotten periodic bouts of rain, but it's mostly the wind gusts of 40-50mph. I gave up trying to rescue my lawn furniture and just laid it down on the sides or backs but they still are getting blown off the deck. If that's the only damage we sustain it will be a blessing. I pray everyone is safe. It is a tragedy the life already lost, I just hope and pray that there are no more souls taken.. I pray for those souls and the others when it's safe to go back and start over. Property can be replaced and homes and buildings can be rebuilt-but lives cannot.

The Michigan City Pier on Lake Michigan before Sandy really kicked up a fit. Just 30 min west from us.

Until next time praying for the safety for everyone in the path of Sandy's destruction. Please be safe. And for everyone else hoping you have a migraine free day and if not that you get well soon.

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