Wednesday, October 24, 2012

War of the dust bunnies

I really don't know how I managed it. I had to though. After almost a week, yes I am embarrased to admit it, but the dust bunnies were engaging in judo fights on the floor and I just could not bear looking at them anymore. Even with my migraine aura's and blurred, fuzzy double vision and pain out of control. I put in ear plugs, sun glasses and those so called ear muffs that are suppose to block the sound. Yeah, right. I still herd every whirr and whine of that blasted vacuum as I ran the floor attachment over the bare floors and then the beater bar over the rugs. I thought I was going to pass out by the time I was done. I was pouring with sweat, not dripping, the pain in my head was triple from when I started. I had on my sea bands so the nauseu was under control. I kept smelling burning cigarettes which is odd because no one here or near here smokes. Thats another one of those lovely migraine aura deals-smelling things that are not here. Makes you think your batty.

Today is an unusal high pressure front which to normal folk make for an unusually warm nice sunny day to enjoy outside. I opened the windows, but kept the curtains closed as much as possible and now I'm starting to feel my ear pop. The barometric pressure, she is a changing and that explains this miseable pain.

My lovely daughter is picking up supper on her way home for her dad and herself. If I look at food right now I dont think I can keep it down. But I won't see any Ninja Dust Bunnies. Now I have to tackle that 20' long central vac hose and coil it up and put it in the closet before I trip over it like the natural born Klutz I am and then I will really have something to complain about-like a black eye or a busted tooth. Yep, that would be my luck. Oh well, it's getting that time of year I could always say I was learning how to play ice hockey??? Sure, anyone that knows me would know that is a crock of BS!

Until next time be happy, safe and healthy. And watch out for those Ninja Dust Bunnies-you just never know where they are lurking, LOL

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