Sunday, November 4, 2012

Technology is a witch.


Technology is taking advatange of my Migraine weary mind today. I had to change my password for my iTunes account because I forgot it. But then I had to change my password for Gmail and Face Book and Twitter because those accounts were hacked, yet again. And for the life of me I wrote down those new passwords and forgot where the heck I placed that list! My mind is mush from the latest round of migraines so I guess I have no choice but to change those passwords yet AGAIN and then instead of writing them down save them in a secure encrypted file like my husband does, but he'll have to show me how he does that, but then that will mean another password to remember. YIKES!

And now on to my Notebook. I updated it to Windows 7 professional from the Windows home ultimate. I thougth I did it right but it kept saying it did not recognize my product key and I kept re-entering it I don't know how many times and it wanted me to purchase yet another version. Heck no that software is expensive. So now I had to backup my work and I'm in the process of reloading the software yet again. And now I'm trying to load Office and it said I've already loaded it and I'm limited to how many computers I can install it on! For Petes sake it's the same flipping computer I already loaded it onto before. Stupid Windows and stupid Microsoft. I think they just want to see how far they can push me over the edge. I will NOT buy more software. This already cost too much as it is.

Now I have to update my iPod that I've only had since August and so now it's in the process of backing up and formatting itself so who knows what that will entail once that's done.

Technology is great when it runs smooth and hassle free, but this past week it's been driving me up the wall. And my brand new laptop battery worked great for the 1 week I had it once it was charged for 3x and drained down 3x, now it won't even charge up at all or keep power. So frustrating. Trying to resolve that issue with customer service is like an American talking to a Chinese w/o an interperter. Hoping to get that issue resolved soon. All the while I'm trying to get this all resolved with mush for brains.

But it should come together in the end. Eventually. I hope. If not there will be a notebook, 2 software bundles and an iPod flying out my front door within the coming week. Not all in 1 piece either. They might be tied to an oxygen tank turned into a rocket. LOL.

Until next time take care and be well.

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