Monday, November 5, 2012

We should learn from our past-dust off those history books and get out your bible-past meets future


Winter is fast approaching and of course, as usual, I'm not ready for it. It's been a very rocky summer and fall already and I have a feeling it's going to be a rough and wild winter. Heck, the beginning of October they were already pushing Christmas and I think it was 2 weeks ago Target started with their Christmas Commercials, then Wal-Mart with the Lay-a-Way commercials for Christmas and by Halloween they said they were going to extend the Lay-a-Way program a few more weeks yet? Like what, Halloween is cut of time for Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart now? And of course K-Mart had to get on that bandwagon too. Not too many K-Marts in this area though-they all shut down and moved out. They let Wal-Mart run them out of town, the pansies.

I like Wal-Mart for every day essentials, but for food and produce it's Meijers and Martins. Wal-Mart just doesn't cut it for us with food. The produce is over priced and not that fresh and the meat isn't that good and the dairy section is over priced. Meijer usually has them beat in that section. Martins is a better choice for meat if they have a sale but we avoid it because they are high price otherwise. We can only imagine though what will happen this coming year what will happen to food prices as a whole due to the extreme weather we've experienced all through the US-floods and droughts. It might get pretty high priced and we will pay dearly for it as farmers had to send their beef, chickens and pigs to the butchers earlier than scheduled because they didn't have the feed to support them. So we may face meat/poultry/pork shortages as well as corn/wheat/dairy as well and all the by products associated-corn syrup sweetened products like pop and such-baking goods, oh the list goes on. I wonder if the possible recession they're talking about were heading into could also be leading us into a food shortage like some of our parents or grand parents talked about during WWII where food rations were handled by coupons given to households and you could only go on certain days and allotted so much per family for certain items.

I know, I know, I hear you saying "Chicken Little saying the sky is falling" but just think about it. If Obama gets 4 more years and our credit rating falls even more than it already has since last year under his leadership to the point it collapses completely, and we can no longer trade w/other nations where we get some, not all, but some of our food and supplies and we don't have enough to support our own people, just what do you think they're going to do? Well, they're going to have to ration it like they did in WWII, that's what they'll do. And they will ration gas like they did back then also. And they will also have mandatory black outs for electricity and natural gas as well to conserve on that too, I betcha. That may be to the extreme, but if we get that down and out and we are no longer the super power we use to be, what do you want to bet that one of those nations overseas that have been just dying to take advantage of us will take that perfect time to strike. And Obama plans on cutting our military even more so who's going to defend us if there are fewer troops on the land, sea and air? And if we don't have enough money to refuel their tanks, ships and plans plus the ammo?
And that my friends you can take to the bank because if they don't strike then while the picking is ripe then they are bigger idiots than we give them credit for. But see, that's the rub-they're not that stupid. That is when they will strike, when we are at our weakest and in turmoil and struggling to survive.

Did I hear somebody say Armageddon??

Well, we won't be able to borrow money from China anymore-who would loan money to a bankrupt USA anymore and we do get most of our money from China. And Obama chides Romney from investing in overseas markets? Heck, USA has all of her money from China-how much more overseas can you get? And most Americans drive foreign cars? Who do you think those profits go to? Well, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi-those profits go overseas to those foreign companies. Amercians don't buy American made cars anymore, yet they're the 1st ones to gripe about jobs and companies going overseas but then look whats parked in their own driveways. Look at the TV your watching Football on or the Stereo your listening to music on. Are those USA made? Are those profits going to as USA company. NOPE-last time I looked Sony is based overseas, that is where their cooperate headquarters is and they do not split profits w/the USA. Obama is guilty of sending jobs overseas. He won't admit it. He never takes the blame for anything. Isn't that amazing. You'd think he thinks he's a saint. Always passing the buck never taking the blame for anything that happened during HIS 4 yrs in office.

Amazing. Must have been someone else that forged his name on that piece of paper. I looked at my 401k portfolio. Granted it's not a lot of money. I have it diversified to where I can make the most money I have it in ETFs, and several of them are invested in overseas markets and looking on them now it's a good thing they are because the US markets have not done so good, especially the past 4 years, and no Obama did not inherit that-he's messed up a lot on his own and when will he grow up and take some of the blame himself.  And they did too take money from medicare.  I just now became eligible for Medicare since being on SSD. Effective on Nov 1. I was totally floored at the staggering and outrageous out of pocket costs I will have to pay from this yr as opposed to next yr 2013. What a big change. It's almost not worth taking Medicare. It's going to be expensive. I can see the elderly not getting the medical help or prescriptions they need because they will not be able to afford it. They will be made to choose between food and shelter, or medical care and prescriptions. Obamacare stole money from Medicare-you can see it as plain as day by the staggering differences of what was the copay you had to pay in 2012 vs your copay starting in 2013. It is just beyond obscene and it is unfair and unjust. Why should Obama and those Liberal Democrats get away with robbing Medicare like that! I had to stop looking through this Medicare and You book 2013. It made me physically nauseated. Sickened me to the core. Just sickening.

If you or a loved one is going to be or is on Medicare I urge you to look at the book that was just mailed out and look it over carefully. And be prepared to dole over more money than you ever dreamed of and make sure you have plenty of it in the bank. If you have a lot of prescriptions you best look for the best possible part D plan that will work for you and do it now. Time is of the essence. I kid you not. I priced mine out and about fell out of my chair and mine are ALL generics. They get you now based on tier 1,2,3,4,5 and if its formulary or not and if it needs physicians prior approval or not and they all have that coverage gap where you pay a lot for those Rx's then the rates go down. You need to look for a plan based on if you want a deductible or not-some plans w/a deductible you pay less out of pocket-sometimes. But these plans can be pretty flipping confusing so if in doubt go to an agent that deals in Medicare Supplement insurance so they can explain it all to you and take ALL your prescriptions with you. And do NOT go with Humana Choice PPO. I made that mistake and would have ended up paying way too much for my medications in addition to paying too much for my monthly part D premium. Lesson learned the hard way.

But you better hurry and act fast. Open enrollment is a short window this year=Oct 15 to Dec 7. Go to and also check out ,

All I can say is when you vote tomorrow vote with your conscious. Do you really think these past 4 years made this country better and do you think another 4 years of the same will make it any better than it is now? Come on now. Do some serious soul searching. I for one will vote for one who has not passed the buck and who always blames others for his own mistakes and who has had prior experience in governing and who cannot claim his past experience as a social events planner and a new congressman were his only credentials, who had no business knowledge and has no idea how to balance a budget let alone a check book, and who doesn't waste taxpayer dollars on very expensive jet rides on air force one for expensive and multiple un-needed vacations instead of governing a country in crisis, and who appears on talk shows cracking jokes instead of working at the white house yet again trying to tackle the countries major issues.

Yes, time to make a change, change for the better. And I believe this time it's not for Obama. Someone that actually Governed a State and fixed its budget, ran successful businesses and made profits. The USA should be making profits-not spending money it doesn't have and not raising taxes on people that cannot afford it, and not taking money from Medicare and making the Seniors and those on disability suffer for it-starting 2013 if Obamacare is not repealed those taxes, like major BS, will hit the fan and all heck will break loose and those taxes that the democrats hid and lied about will come to light. And those that vote for Obama will have egg on their faces. Hopefully it can be repealed in time. I pray to God in can be repealed in time. Medicare and Social Security need to be saved, not raped and plundered by Obamacare as it is scheduled beginning Jan 1 2013.

Heaven help us all.

I have a right to my opinion even if you don't agree, we can agree to disagree in an amicable way as Ronald Reagan often said to his fellow Democrats

Peace to you all.

This is direct from Medicare Part D. As a Severe Daily Migraine sufferer, who does NOT abuse migraine medications and cannot use Triptans, these are my 2 migraine abortive medication choices. This is what I would have to pay if I take Medicare Part D. This is a copy and paste direct from a Medicare Part D provider Humana Choice PPO. But all Medicare Part D providers charge this obscene amount and limit the amounts of these drugs. I had to cancel my Part D in Medicare as I cannot afford this.


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